Hush and Listen!

A reading for Friday, May 15, 2015: Luke 9:28-36.

There's a lot happening throughout chapter 9 of Luke's gospel. Jesus has called the twelve, among them Peter, John and James, and sent them out. They are commissioned to preach and to heal and to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom. Jesus fed the five thousand with just a fish a few loaves. Then Peter proclaims rightly that Jesus is the Messiah. The Lord predicts his own betrayal and death. Finally, Jesus takes Peter, James and John with him up on a mountain where he is transfigured before their very eyes and seen with Moses and Elijah.

Wow! Peter has experienced more than a lifetime of holiness in one chapter...

So is is any wonder that he speaks, "-not knowing what he said." I take it to mean, he was so overwhelmed and tired, that he just says something, anything in response. It's not a thoughtful response, but one that comes out of exhaustion and adrenaline.

The next message is clear. Just as Peter speaks, a cloud filled with the glory of God comes upon them and tells them "This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!" Notice it doesn't say talk to him... Notice it doesn't say get busy with him... It doesn't even say, serve him... That comes later. For right now, the message is simply, LISTEN.

And Peter and the others do just that.

So often when we get overwhelmed and exhausted and our adrenaline kicks in, we too just want to talk and to be heard. Even in the presence of God we want our prayers to be deeper and our words to be holier. Listen to me Lord, so I can tell you what I need you to do for me? Or even, so I can tell you what I want to do for you. (notice again Peter's desire to build three tabernacles)

But God says, "hush." Listen! Simply quiet yourself and take a breath, and listen for what I am saying. Be still and know that I am God. Listening to Jesus is always the first thing to do when we encounter the presence of God in the world. Listen! Listen! Listen!


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