From Capernaum to Nain...

A reading for Friday, May 1, 2015: Luke 7:1-17.

In the south of Galilee there was a large town called Capernaum. In the north, was the tiny village of Nain. The city of Capernaum sat on the Sea of Galilee and was a center of trade and commerce for the Romans as well as the Arabs and Jews that lived there. It was heavily armed and defended and well known by all. The village of Nain was only a few houses, most scholars don't think there was even a wall or a gate. Luke must be referring to the place where the houses met the road when he describes the events that took place there. The two places could not be more opposite one another.

In Capernaum, there was a Centurion. He was a commander of men, in the greatest army of the age. His influence was what enabled the great synagogue to be built in the city. He was important and powerful. In Nain, there was a widow. As a woman, and an unmarried one at that, she had no power or influence. What she had was a sick son, who had died and was being carried to the grave. Again, these two could not be more different.

What is the same is the compassion Jesus shows for both of them, and in both places. Jesus heals. He identifies both as worthy and demonstrates the love of God for the need that is present. There is no place and no time in which the love of God cannot come through the power of Jesus. From Capernaum to Nain, in the powerful and the weak, those that have influence and those that have nothing... Jesus saves!


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