Celebrate and Rejoice Anyway!

A reading for Wednesday, May 27, 2015: Luke 15:1-2, 11-32.

Why is it so hard to enjoy good news? How much time do we spend in celebration? Are we really not willing to rejoice over the blessings of God?

Perhaps we are ashamed, like the younger son in the story? Or maybe we feel sorry for ourselves, like the older son? Do we feel that we have been wronged? The father in the story was wronged. Both of his sons showed him disrespect and contempt. There are plenty of reasons in a story like this one, told by Jesus, to justify being unhappy and failing to celebrate.

And yet, the father is the one who leads the others into celebration. "Let us eat and celebrate; for this son (or daughter) of mine was dead and is alive again." If God the Father wants to celebrate, even in the midst of the wrongs done, who are we not to join in?

Truth is there are always reasons to justify our grouchiness and our unwillingness to celebrate the good things in life. But there are always good things too... Do something radical today and ignore the reasons to be unhappy. Celebrate today all the good things God has provided even when we don't deserve it.

Celebrate and rejoice!


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