Children of the Most High

A reading for Wednesday, April 29, 2015: Luke 6:27-38.

Jesus said, "You will be children of the Most High." Children honor their parents by doing what they have been taught, and in living according to their ways. Each child is unique and brings their own way of honoring to be sure, but we are most proud of our own children when they recognize what's important to us as their parents. When we see the best of ourselves reflected in our children...

Jesus tells all those that listen to honor God by recognizing what's important to God. Mercy. Love. Kindness even to those that aren't kind in return. Love even to those that aren't lovable. Giving to those that don't deserve it, to those that beg. If someone abuses you, don't seek retribution. These are hard words to hear, especially if you have been abused or taken advantage of. Why should we do this?

In this way, we honor God who has done the same for us, and we allow others to recognize the character of God in the world. When God is known by our neighbors and friends, and mercy, love, kindness, giving and peace are more... then we are able to live with a fuller measure of such blessings in our own life. The best of God is reflected in our lives as children of the Most High...

"For the measure you give will be the measure you get back."


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