People of Hope

A reading for Thursday, March 19, 2015: John 6:41-51.

It's far easier to complain than to hope.

It's a lot quicker to settle, than to remain unsatisfied.

Unbelief is much more convenient, neat and tidy, than is belief in something yet unknown.

Sometimes people of faith get it right. They hope and they dream big and they wait for God to answer their cry. They believe against all odds. We see this in scripture.

Yet sometimes people of faith get it wrong. They complain, and they settle for now, and they seek the easy path accepting only what is already known and fail to rely on what the horizon might bring. They fear what might come. We see this in scripture too.

The leaders of faith complained about Jesus and his claims to be "bread from heaven." They could only see what was now, in front of them as already known. They were not able to believe in what God was doing. It was just easier to complain than to accept anything new.

I have noticed just in the last few months that my life is filled with stories, and blogs, and sermons, and prayers about the future of our faith in Jesus Christ. It seems that some of the people I know are ready to stop complaining about what we have lost, and move to what we might hope for. There are others who argue against settling for the way things are, but to trust in our God who makes everything new. Something is happening, and it's happening for all who dream big and who wait for God to answer our cry...

O God, we believe against all odds and listen for what you are doing in the world around us. It would be far easier just to complain, but instead we are ready to be people of hope! In Jesus name, Amen.


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