Know His Voice

A reading for Wednesday, March 25, 2015: John 10:1-18.

A rehearsing of Sunday's sermon about sheep: "Goat Rodeo!"

Sheep live in herds, because they have been conditioned that life is better and safer in a group. They look out for one another. The older and stronger will protect the younger and weaker. Sheep will follow something or someone they identify as friendly. So when the shepherd feeds them or protects them, they learn to follow the voice of the shepherd as the one who offers them the good things they depend on for life.

Jesus compares those listening to him preach and teach, heal and proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven to sheep. They are better off in a group devoted to one another with love and care. And He is the Good Shepherd, who provides good things for the sheep to depend upon for life. "...and the sheep follow him because they know his voice." Jesus is the one we follow.

Some in the crowd do not understand the metaphor, so Jesus ups the ante. He is the kind of shepherd, that not only feeds and protects the sheep, but he will even offer his life for the protection of the sheep. No shepherd in the ancient world would go that far. Lay one's life down for the protection of the sheep? But Jesus proclaims that he will even go that far for the sheep that are under his watch.

As we are just a few days away from Holy Week, we prepare to remember the sacrifice that love offered for us. In the midst of chaos and even hate, Jesus the Good Shepherd laid down his life to protect and to save us. We are grateful...

Today as you come and go, and do all the things that life demands of you, listen and know his voice. He is the one who offers the good things we depend on for life.

Thank you Jesus!


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