Failure To Communicate

A reading for Monday, March 9, 2015: John 7:14-36.

It's almost like Jesus and the religious leaders of his day were speaking a different language all together. They talked to one another, and yet did not communicate.

Jesus teaches what he has received from God, and the leaders wonder where he was educated. Jesus calls them out to uphold the entire law of Moses, and yet the leaders seem to be unaware that their plot to kill Jesus is a violation of that very law. Jesus tells them he will be taken to a place where they cannot follow, to the one that sent him, and the leaders wonder where that could be that they could not follow. Clearly they do not understand what Jesus is saying...

The struggle with living in a community of faith is the inability to get everyone on the same page, communicating using the same language. Each of us has our own experience of faith, and even our own expectations about what's important about faith in God. So we talk to one another, and yet we do not communicate. A wise leader once said we should listen 75% of the time and talk only 25% of the time.

Lord, help us listen to one another in hopes that we might actually communicate.


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