Believe It, Or Not!

A reading for Wednesday, March 4, 2015: John 5:1-18.

"Blessed are you, O Lord, for you have come to your people and set them free." (Zechariah's Son from Luke 1)

Over and over again we see Jesus doing just that. Jesus heals and Jesus sets free the captives of illness, loneliness, and fear. Over and over again in scripture we rejoice with those, like the man by the pool of Bethsaida, who was healed in an instant. Jesus set him free...

And over and over again we see those that disbelieve. There are always it seems others that fail to see the value of healing and release from captivity. Perhaps it is because they themselves don't live with such afflictions. It's easy to be critical when you are in a position of privilege or superiority. The sabbath was a gift of God for all people, even those that are suffering, and was not a way for those in power to control those that were not.

The good news for us is that Jesus never stops even in the midst of disbelief and criticism. God is on a mission through Christ, and that mission is not dependent on others. In fact, it's not even dependent on us and our faithfulness. The mission of God relies on Jesus and the power of God to transform and set us free from anything and everything that afflicts. No matter what...

Today you will be faced with a clear choice. You can believe that Jesus can heal and transform, or not. If not, check yourself to make sure your incredulity isn't out of ignorance of another's suffering or struggles. Check you own sense of privilege?

Jesus said, "My Father is still working, and I also am working."

Believe it, or not!


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