A Samaritan Woman?

A reading for Monday, March 2, 2015: John 4:27-42.

A Samaritan Woman? There could be no less credentialed or poorly effective witness. For the disciples, who were themselves Jewish men, she was a foreigner who did not even converse with them. Second, she was a woman who had no legal rights and no voice in important matters like faith.

Suddenly, to their surprise Jesus is talking to her. Something's wrong... Maybe Jesus is just hungry? Still they don't understand.

Jesus tries to tell them that the harvest is happening right before their very eyes, and yet they don't recognize it because they can't see beyond themselves. They still see things in terms of insiders and outsiders. Jesus communicates the power of the gospel in all the world, through even the most unexpected of witnesses. Like a Samaritan Woman... and an entire village is converted to faith beginning with her testimony about the Lord.

Where is the gospel for you today? Who is being used by Jesus to share the good news? Don't be caught off guard. Jesus might just be found in the most unexpected place we can possibly imagine.


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