Instant Wine: Just Add Water

A reading for Monday, February 23, 2015: John 2:1-12.

We can learn from the way this story is told today...

This is the first miracle in John's gospel. The very first way Jesus expresses who he is and what he has come to do is by changing water into wine here at the wedding at Cana. Because of this miracle, the disciples believe in Jesus.

Notice how John tells the story. All the details of how Jesus does this aren't important. Jesus doesn't look up into heaven and offer a grand prayer. No outward sign accompanies the change. One minute it's water and the very next it's wine. That's it.

The point is that this is God's doing. God is the primary actor through the power and the presence of Jesus Christ. One minute God has not acted and the next God has.

We often get mired down in the details of our lives, and all the things and details that have to be managed. Even in the church, we worry over numbers of visitors and how much the budget comes up short. It's almost like we forget that behind all we do is the power of Almighty God as the primary actor in creation. All of a sudden, God is there!

Almighty God, there is nothing we can accomplish without you and your blessing of our lives. Come to us this day and transform even our ordinary details into miracles. Allow us to see you in glimpses. Thank you for including us in what you are doing in the world around us, so that we too as your disciples might believe. In the powerful and precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


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