Preach. Teach. Heal.

A reading for Tuesday, January 13, 2015: Mark 1:14-28.

The gospel of Mark says that Jesus came to do three things: preach, teach, and heal.

Right from the beginning, when Jesus returns from the wilderness he begins the work he has been called by the Spirit of God to do. He preaches the arrival of the Kingdom of God. He teaches with authority in the synagogue, and he heals a man afflicted with an "unclean spirit."

Those of us called in his name to the mission of God have these three things as our work too. Perhaps this is the reason the calling of the first disciples is right in the middle of today's lesson. Go and preach, teach, and heal... and you will be fishers of men and women.

Do these things and the "fame" of our Lord Jesus Christ will be known all around the region where we live.

Preach. Teach. Heal.


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