Heal Us Lord!

A reading for Monday, January 26, 2015: Mark 5:21-43.

In the story today, the healing power of Jesus is without limits...

Now, or after a journey.

On this side of the lake, or that other side.

With a young child of twelve, or an old woman afflicted for twelve years.

For the leader of the synagogue, or a person with no stature in the community at all.

In the midst of a large overwhelming crowd, or even for the fewest disciples who will keep the secret.

No matter who, or what, or how much, or when, or where...

Jesus Christ, Son of God, has the power to save us and restore us to the whole and full life that God intends for all of creation. In the midst of our world that is so caught up with power and the struggle for power, as killing and war continues it seems without limits, how grateful we are that the power of Jesus to heal is truly without limits.

So we pray, heal us Lord!


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