Five Loaves and Two Fish

A reading for Thursday, January 29, 2015: Mark 6:30-46.

The needs are overwhelming. There are so many people following Jesus, the scripture says the disciples (and we assume Jesus too) don't even have time to eat. They try and get away, to a place of rest and recovery, but the crowds just follow. The pace is hectic and exhausting.

Jesus can see the need however in each of those that come to him for healing. He knows how badly the crowd needs the good news of the gospel. So he keeps going. He teaches and he heals. All day and all night, Jesus continues. How can even Jesus keep us such a pace? When will this crowd and their needs overwhelm the Lord's patience, but more crucial his energy and stamina?

Then we are given a glimpse of the Lord's power source. We learn that Jesus is not operating on his own but is connected with the nurturing love of the universe.

He takes "five loaves and two fish," blesses them and breaks them. He gives them to the crowd, in small groups sitting together on the green grass. "All ate, and all were filled." There were five thousand present there that day.

The Almighty God of creation still feeds us. Remember that the power of the Body of Christ is not our own. Grace and peace, healing and mercy are not our will or dependent on our energy or stamina. Instead, we are connected with the nurturing love of the universe.

Be bold. Give all you have, believing there is enough. Be confident in your exhaustion, knowing and trusting that God will provide the nurture and the rest you need when you need it most.

At the end of the story today, "He went up on the mountain to pray." After the work was done, and Jesus and the disciples had served so many in the midst of overwhelming needs, there was rest and peace on that day...

We are grateful!


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