Counting at Christmas

A reading for Monday, December 22, 2014: Luke 1:39-48a

There is something even sacramental in the gathering of family from across the miles or even across the table. Our hearts leap for joy, like Elizabeth, when we are greeted again by friends and family we haven't seen for a long time or reconnect with those we see everyday. Could it even be the presence of Christ in our lives, as was with Mary, that grants us such a sense of peace and joy?

This week as we gather again with those we love and care about, perhaps take a few moments and count the faces around you as blessings from God. Are these not the greatest gifts of Christmas? Are these not the image of God surrounding you? We are not meant to live alone, but surrounded by the faces and the hearts of others. This is at least one way the presence of Christ fills our Christmas.

May you revel in the holiday time spent with such gifts from God...


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