Crumbs in the Carseat

A reading for Thursday, November 6, 2014: Luke 13:18-30.

To what should we compare the Kingdom of God?

It's like coffee grounds that are spilled in the pantry. Every time you open the pantry, the fragrant odor welcomes you back.

The Kingdom of God is like the crumbs in your child's carseat. No matter how many times you clean it shaking them out, there are still crumbs that come spilling out onto your freshly vacuumed backseat as soon as you place it there.

The Kingdom of God are like the leaves falling in your yard on a crisp, windy day. No amount of effort in raking or blowing or sucking them into the lawnmower can stop them from coming. More and more and more and more...

Jesus continues to go through our towns and villages teaching us what the Kingdom of God looks like. The Kingdom of God has drawn near to us.

We are grateful. Amen.


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