101 Objects of Christianity

A reading for Tuesday, November 18, 2014: Luke 17:1-10.

Sam Roberts recently chronicled the history of New York City in 101 objects, starting first with a NY Times article and then an exhibit at the New York Historical Society. What 101 objects would represent the history of one of America's greatest and most historical cities?

There is everything from an ancient mastodon tusk to a flag from the World Series winning Brooklyn Dodgers. Here's more information on Robert's project: http://nyti.ms/1utvT57

In that same vein, what objects would represent the history of the Christian community? Certainly a cross, a cup, and water representing baptism. But would not the objects also include a millstone? Jesus instructs the disciples not to lead others into sin or to cause them to stumble in righteousness, for if they do it would've been better to be drowned under the weight of a millstone.

Or what about a mustard seed, the tiniest of seeds that grows into the largest and weediest shrub? When the apostles ask for faith to be increased, Jesus reminds them that faith is so powerful that only the tiniest amount is capable of doing the greatest good.

Which objects would represent forgiveness and acceptance? Which ones would help us remember serving one another in the name of the Lord?

We share a great and historical faith. It would be fun to imagine such an exhibit.


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