A reading for Wednesday, October 22, 2014: Luke 10:17-24.

Today's lesson is about power, simple and complete power...

The disciples and the seventy return from the mission of God and report that everything that afflicts people submits to the power of God through Jesus name. “Lord, in your name even the demons submit to us!”

Satan wishes he had such power. Kings would give anything and everything for such power. The gracious will of the Father, according to the Son, is that all things must submit to the power of God. This is the lesson.

The question for us is do we believe in the power of God through Jesus name? Do we believe that anything and everything that afflicts us must ultimately submit to the power of God? The truth is Almighty God chooses to use the power that is beyond our understanding to bring peace and justice, and in the end the power of our God has already accomplished the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin and death.

Our faith is about mercy and grace, justice and peace, and oh yes... simple and complete power. Praise be the name of our God, the Almighty Power of the Universe!


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