A reading for Tuesday, October 14, 2014: Luke 8:40-56.

Today's lesson is one that seems very familiar. The stories of healing and ministry come together, one intertwined in another. Jesus is in the middle of a conversation with Jairus about his daughter and her need for healing to save her from death, when all of a sudden there is a women in desperate need of healing. There is a sense that the demands on Jesus are coming so fast they are literally piling up...

This is how life is for us too. It would so much easier if we could address one thing that needs our attention at a time. If we could have a list and move from one thing to the next, offering our best to each situation, before then moving on to the next. But that's not how it works, is it? Instead, the demands of life come all at once... relationships, family, work, school, health, etc.

Notice however how Jesus deals with the demands on him. He offers his complete attention to each one, literally stopping to acknowledge the woman in need of his healing. He helps her in the moment and then moves on to the next, knowing that God is faithful enough to offer the grace that each situation demands. In the end of the story, both of these miracles are accomplished.

So today, resist the temptation to be overwhelmed with the demands of your life. Dwell in each one, offering your attention and knowing that God is with you granting the grace that each situation requires. Trust that you are in the right place with the right calling. Sounds simple. It's not. You might not always be successful, but you will be faithful... and most of the time faithful is enough!


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