Humility and Goodness

A reading for Monday, October 6, 2014: Luke 6:39-49.

Humility acknowledges the sameness of all people. In the economy of God, no person is without sin and therefore no one person can demonstrate to the rest of us what a sin-free life looks like. We are all the same under God.

Yet as disciples we are called in humility to show others the perfection of Jesus Christ. Jesus says we "bear good fruit" so that the goodness of God and God's people might be demonstrated.

This would seem to be a contradiction. How can we all be the same and humble and yet demonstrate goodness to the world?

Jesus says, "hear my words and act on them." Listening to the Lord Jesus and doing what we are commanded is like building our lives on a firm foundation. We will withstand the trouble and even continue to witness to the power of God. We act not with our own perfection, but following the voice of Jesus, and obeying the commandments of our Lord.

This is humility and goodness! This is humble discipleship...


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