Blessings and Woes...

A reading for Friday, October 3, 2014: Luke 6:12-26.

Blessings and Woes...

Blessings are about where you find peace. Woes are also about where you find peace.

Blessings are not what we expect. So are woes.

Blessings are what Jesus says we should make a life out of. Woes too are substance for a good life.

These two, blessings and woes, are opposite sides of the same coin. On one side is the acknowledgement that God sustains us and nothing else. Blessings even in the midst of suffering offers us hope. On the other side, be careful that you are not depending on something other than God to sustain. Wealth, comfort, and reputation will not save us. Only God...

Jesus goes to the mountain to pray and when he returns he shares the good news. God creates, redeems, sustains, governs and transforms all people and all things.

It's the gospel. It's blessings and woes.


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