It's One Thing... and Another

A reading for Monday, September 15, 2014: John 11:55-12:8.

It's one thing to look for Jesus... and another to expect Him to be present.

It's one thing to welcome Jesus... and another to pour out our hearts in His presence.

It's one thing to care for the poor... and another thing to know the poor.

Jesus spends His time in Bethany just before the passover. Bethany was the forgotten neighborhood. It was the part of the city of Jerusalem where all the poor and the sick lived. It was the ghetto of Jerusalem. Perhaps that's the reason the authorities couldn't find Jesus. They looked for him, but did not expect him to be in Bethany.

Even the disciples were not sure what to do. They too were at the table with Jesus and Martha too was with Him serving Him. The disciples served Him too. But Mary poured out her heart. She worshipped Jesus as one who loved beyond just service. Mary went beyond just welcome and service to love and adoration.

Jesus came to care for the poor, but not just to help them be less poor. Jesus did not offer Himself so that money could be collected and given to these. The church is not merely another non-profit with a mission to care for the poor. Instead, Jesus stayed in Bethany. Jesus knew the poor. The poor were friends with Jesus. He offered them something nobody else would... their own humanity.

So often we think we know what the story says... and another to look at it again.

It's one thing to read the story... and another to live it.

It's one thing to believe in Jesus... and another to follow Him.


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