Blessing, Truth & Sending

A reading for Monday, June 23, 2014: Matthew 19:13-22.

The lesson today teaches us that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those that long to be in the presence of Jesus. From the children that seek his blessing of touch and prayer, to the man that hopes to be found righteous under the law and the commandments, and even the ones who listen to all this wishing to follow Jesus into the wilderness to the people and the places where he intends to go.

This is the Christian life.

1. Regular, daily prayer and blessings from God our Father, living in community where all are welcome.

2. Living for and as a witness to goodness and truth. The commandments are instructive for whole and healthy life, and yes they are still meant to be obeyed.

3. Finally, following Jesus seeking what God is doing out in the world ahead of us, in front of us, and all around us. Jesus said, "Come and follow me."

Perhaps this is the way to start another week, every week... blessing, truth, and sending!


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