What is Salvation?

A reading for Saturday, April 12, 2014: Mark 10:46-52.

What is salvation? How does one get saved? It's a question for the ages.

We have been taught that salvation is making a decision. It's a prayer. It's a set of beliefs. Some believe that salvation is found in baptism. Universalists believe everyone is saved, while others think that can't be possible according to what the Bible says about salvation.

What if salvation is found in simply knowing who has the power to help us see again? To see the world as God created it and our relationships as they were meant to be, our relationship with self, with neighbors and even with all of creation. That's what the blind beggar asks for when Jesus gives him the chance, and Jesus does give him the sight he longed for. The man followed Jesus from that day on.

Sounds like, or should we say looks like, salvation to me.


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