The Work of the Vineyard

A reading for Wednesday, April 16, 2014: Mark 12:1-11.

The Kingdom of God is about bearing fruit, doing good and demonstrating the goodness in creation for God and for others, so that the world might see that good and give glory to God. In the parable, that's the work of the vineyard. That's our work through Christ... bearing fruit!

If you were the owner of the vineyard, and it produced no fruit, what would you do?

Perhaps today is a good day to examine the harvest in our own lives. If God were to send a servant to us to collect the fruit of our lives, our churches, our community, our nation, and our world... what would we have to show? What would we do?

Would we reject the servant? Would we beat him? Would we kill him to protect our pride and our way of doing things?

Good Friday is just two days away...


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