The Way Jesus Taught or The Pedagogy of Discipleship

A reading for Friday, March 14, 2014: Mark 2:13-22.

Long before pedagogy was organized and formalized, Jesus knew how to teach. Sometimes he taught using words, but more often it seems he taught with action learning. Jesus demonstrated what the Kingdom of God would be like and by doing so invited conversation. He invited learning.

In todays lesson, we are told by Mark that Jesus came teaching. Then he calls Levi. Levi was a tax collector, the most hated profession of the Jews. Jesus goes to eat a meal at Levi's house, which any faithful Jew knew was prohibited. When the Pharisees ask about it Jesus says, "I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.” It's a teaching. It's based on action.

Jesus does not fast, nor do those that follow him fast. Even John's disciples fasted, said people observing them. The Pharisees fast. Why don't you fast? Jesus tells them that fasting is to honor and connect with God, but God is present with them in that moment in him and so fasting is not necessary. It's another teaching. It too is based on how people observed Jesus' action.

Over and over Jesus walks and talks, and lives with people each day doing what he knows to be the faithful life. When anyone asks about his way of life, he is ready with an answer. This is action learning. It's a way of teaching that isn't just about the mind but is also about the heart. Sometimes Jesus uses words to teach, but just as often he demonstrates the Kingdom of God for others to see. It's action learning. A way of teaching.

What if we adopted such a practice as a way for teaching about discipleship? What if instead of inviting people to come and learn from a pastor or a formalized teacher as a way for education, we simply lived the faithful life in their midst and then invited conversation? What if we studied scripture and prayed daily so we were ready with an answer to their questions, and bold about offering the Kingdom of God as our way of life? What if we were not dependent on people coming to us for Sunday school class or worship or fellowship, but instead took church "on the road" to all the places where Jesus is already leading us to teach?

Sounds to me more like the way Jesus taught... are you interested?


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