Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

A reading for Monday, March 31, 2014: Mark 7:24-37.

Jesus heals and the good news of God continues to spread. No matter what Jesus says, trying to control the fervor of popularity that is surrounding his ministry, the good news continues to spread. It appears to even be out of his control. The text says, "the more he ordered them (not to tell), the more zealously they proclaimed it." There is something about the good news of God that just has to be shared.

I have a pastor friend who serves a church that baptized 25 new Christians yesterday in one service. I have known him and the work of the church for several years. He has focused the church's ministry around seeking out and offering Christ's love to those most in need of love. Many of those baptized were people that believed they were hopeless. They had given up. They desperately needed God's grace and the healing of Christ. Interestingly enough, my pastor friend's name is Mark, and I am proud of the work the church is doing.

When Jesus heals the good news of God continues to spread. We are not in control of it, God is. When we focus our ministry on sharing the love of Christ with any and all in need, there is no stopping what happens. Many, many blessings upon all those that offer the love and grace of God to those most in need of it.


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