Who Is This Jesus 101

A reading for Monday, February 10, 2014: John 7:37-52

"Who is this Jesus?" That's the question again and again in scripture. The people wonder. The chief priests wonder. The temple guards welcome. Nicodemus wonders.

"Who is this Jesus?" Messiah? Phony? Galilean? Davidic King? It's the question again and again. For me? For you? For the world?

On Saturday, I reached 100 blog posts. 100 times I have sat and considered and prayed and written. The question for me and for you still is "Who is this Jesus?"

Here's to at least 100 more feeble attempts to answer the question. How many times have you tried to answer? How many times have I?

Together we search and I am most grateful for you along for the journey. Thanks.


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