Raising Up On the Last Day

A reading for Monday, February 3, 2014: John 6:27-40

Several years ago, I traveled to the Navajo Nation to work with the Dine', translated in Navajo as the people.  These are the Native Americans who live around the Canyon De-Chelly, as their sacred homeland.

Our work, that particular year, was on the church manse for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Chinle.  Years before, a former pastor had been attacked while living in the manse and sexually assaulted.  In the sacred culture of the Navajo, such an act is handled with isolation and quarantine.  It was designated as evil.  No one was ever aloud inside the building again, and an asset of the church sat unused for many years.

We cleaned out the house, painted the walls, installed new appliances replacing the old broken ones, and installed a new hard wood floor for the entire house.  Then a group from our church and the Trinity church conducted a house blessing with the participation of a Hatali, a Navajo medicine man, moving from one room to the next and through prayers and presence restoring the house to it's original purpose.  The new pastor enjoyed the benefit of the house as she led the church.

Jesus declares his work as "raising up on the last day" all that had been given to Him.  His work comes from the Father, and it is to restore creation to it's original purpose.  Jesus, with the witness of the Holy Spirit, is still on that mission.  To clean out the evil that has taken up residence in our world, and to deliver into the hands of God the Father.  So that all of creation might enjoy the benefit of the Kingdom of God forever.

Sometimes our work serving Jesus Christ might be tedious, as tedious as painting and repairing.  It might seem like such things pale in comparison to a miracle of healing, like in scripture, or a powerful sign from heaven.  But Jesus reminded those that followed, that all things come from the Father in heaven, and are equally useful for the Kingdom.  Not just miracles!  Our work is to believe in the one who came to restore all things and to serve Him wherever and whenever he calls.

Where will you serve today that others might enjoy the benefit of the Kingdom of Heaven and give glory to your Father in Heaven?


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