Jesus Wept

A reading for Tuesday, February 25, 2014: John 11:30-44

"Jesus began to weep." His friend Lazarus was dead. Perhaps it was the memories of Lazarus or the grief of his sisters. Jesus is overcome with emotion. He weeps.

What if it was more than just the death of Lazarus? Do you ever wonder if the size and scope of his mission ever got to Jesus? I know we believe Jesus was the Son of God, and more faithful than any human being has ever been. However, because Jesus was human perhaps there were moments when grief was more than he could stand.

There are many things to weep over even now. Poverty, disease, injustice, and even losing those we love to death just like Lazarus. We too weep and I believe Jesus weeps with us.

But Jesus said to them, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?" Grief is where our God promises to be. And also with poverty, disease, injustice and anything else that is not as it should be. We are aware that the world is not as it is supposed to be even though we have never had any other experience. We believe that Jesus came to save us and deliver the Kingdom of God.

So Jesus wept. We also weep. But we also hope in the glory of God. Jesus came so that the glory of God would be known by all the world. It's still true today. Jesus saves us and consoles us in our grief. So that the glory of God the Father might be known.

Perhaps that's the Christian life. We weep over all that is not yet, but hope for all that is to come, trusting in the name of Jesus who has brought us the Kingdom.


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