Did We Miss Something?

A reading for Saturday, February 1, 2014: John 6:16-27

The way it used to work...

Jesus and the disciples were out in the world, feeding and healing, and proclaiming the good news.  Even in the midst of their fears and the danger of being out in the world, Jesus was with them and others heard the message in the places where they lived and worked.  People were so intrigued by Jesus and the good news that they came seeking the community devoted to Him, often from great distances.

The way it works now...

Jesus and the disciples have settled into a good location, with ample parking and good signage.  They market all the exciting stuff happening inside the church, using every means possible.  There are banners out front with the coolest name for a new service, postcards mailed to all the new residents of the city, and a website with all the latest and greatest technological enhancements.  ...and people are so intrigued by the banners, the postcards, and the website that they come seeking a community devoted to Jesus, often from great distance???

Except that last part doesn't happen very often anymore.  Did we miss something?


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