Have We Done Our Part?

A reading for Thursday, January 23, 2014: John 4:1-15

A relationship is about mutuality.  One person gives something to another and in return the other gives something.  Whether it's love, or kindness, or friendship... or something more tangible like a drink of water, as with the Samaritan woman, the relationship is based on mutuality.

The blessing is that each person has something to give.  Each person has a gift to be shared and each person is inherently something of worth.  Relationships are based on such things.  Even the Samaritan woman is given the opportunity to do something for Jesus first before Jesus would do something for her.  Even she has a gift to share with the Son of God.

How often do we get upset with another person because they are not acting as we want, or doing something for us?  We are offended by their lack of attention to us.  The first question to ask is... Have we done our part?  Is the relationship based on mutuality, or are we expecting someone else to carry all the responsibility for our friendship?  Perhaps it's not the reason for the deterioration of every relationship, but it's a good place to start.


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