Purpose in the Kingdom

A reading for Thursday, December 5, 2013: Matthew 21:33-46.

The purpose of the vineyard in the story Jesus tells is to produce fruit for the master.  But those entrusted to its care do not seem to like the job they are asked to accomplish.  So much so, that they become violent when success and the accomplishment of the masters kingdom is at hand.

What's our purpose?  Do we like the job we are asked to accomplish?  Are we working toward the success and accomplishment of the Kingdom?

Look at what's not in the story of the vineyard.  The pride and the peace of doing the job and producing the fruit.  Perhaps even a celebration as the fruit is brought forward from the field and presented to the master.  There is joy to be found in the success and accomplishment of the Kingdom of God, and that's good news.

Jesus has been broken so that we might be at peace!  The Kingdom of God is at hand... Thanks be to God.


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