Love One Another

A reading for Friday, December 27, 2013: John 13:20-35

How do you prove you are a disciple of Jesus?  Is there a way?

Some would say you do as Jesus commands in the way you live your life.  Good advice.  Others might say you go to church and worship with others, and glorify God's name even as our lesson today would say.  Again, right.  People would know you follow Jesus if you worship in his church.  Still there are those that would say dedicate your life to serving others in Jesus name and that proves you are a disciple of Jesus.  Important, no doubt.

What does Jesus say?  How does Jesus say we could prove we are his disciples?

Jesus says if you love each other then people will recognize you as his disciple.  Simply, love one another.  Sounds pretty simple.

Perhaps it's easy to say but much harder to do.  Judas was a disciple of Jesus, right up until he betrayed him and also betrayed the other disciples.  Perhaps he thought he was right.  Maybe he even thought he was righteous.  I wonder if he even thought he was serving others in carrying the disciples purse.  No doubt he thought he was important.

Did Judas realize he had not made it just as important to love others?  Do we?

It's pretty simple and incredibly difficult all at the same time.  Love One Another.      


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