Read Matthew 20:1-16

Today is our national day of thanks.  It's a day when we are encouraged to reflect upon the blessings God has provided and to give thanks publicly for all we enjoy.  As a nation we have almost always celebrated Thanksgiving.  The very first observation in the history of our country was by President George Washington in 1789.  The holiday continued sporadically until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln established the Thursday in November on which we now offer our thanks as Americans.  It is arguably our most important national holiday.

Jesus tells the story of a landowner that hires workers to work his vineyard.  He hires some early in the morning, some later in the day, and finally the last set very late at almost the end of the workday.  When it comes time to be paid, the landowner offers all the same wage.  Those that worked all day are angered at the generosity of the landowner.  They are jealous, even covetous, wanting more than the others have received.  It seems they measure their gratitude by how much they are given versus the others.

Perhaps we are tempted to do the same on such a day as this.  Thanksgiving is not a day when we only give thanks for the good things we have, or the successes we enjoy over against the success and good things of others.  This is a day when we can be genuinely grateful for the benevolence of God and the blessings we enjoy irregardless of what others might have or not have.  It is also a day when perhaps we might pray for all... that all might enjoy more peace, more health, more employment, more security, more goodness, more kindness and even more comfort and joy.  May our thanks be not only a reflection of what we have, but a prayer that all might know the steadfast love and mercy of our God.

May the blessings of Thanksgiving be upon us all.

Thanks be to God!


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