Simple. Like a Child.

Read Matthew 18:1-9

It should be pretty simple, right?

Last night I heard someone say that in the modern world we have tried our best to explain everything we possibly can, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the greatest expanse of the universe.  It's true.  Surely a mantra of our age is found in our ability to explain the complexity of life.

Yet, sometimes faith should just be simple.  Like the faith of a child.  Don't get in the way of that says Jesus.  It's hard enough to believe, but don't make it harder.  And if something causes you to doubt or to stray away from relying fully on God for faith and life, then remove it.  Just, simply, get rid of it.  It would be better for you to live without it then to lose your life holding on to something.

The truth is we don't have to lose our minds in order to believe.  Faith and Intellect can go together.  I would even offer they must go together.  Yet we should not lose sight of the simplicity of faith either. Fact is, God loves us like a Father (or mother) loves a child and because of that alone we are okay.  If anything gets in the way of that, then perhaps it should just be put away.

Nobody knows for sure but it is widely held that Karl Barth, the great theologian and scholar, was once asked to sum up faith in one simple sentence.  His answer was a children's song.  "Jesus loves me this I know!"  Thanks Dr. Barth.  Simple.  Like a child.


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