It's a Pattern

Read Matthew 17:1-13

There is a pattern to the Christian life.  It is a way of life that is as old as human beings.  Since the Garden of Eden, God has chosen men and women for a task.  They are often unqualified for the task given them, and yet God chooses them anyway.  Those that are chosen are asked to do something.  Often it is to go somewhere, or to tell someone, or to do something.  When those that are chosen do what they are called to do, very often they experience something amazing and convicting.  They are transformed into a new way of life previously not known or understood.  Then they are sent out again, with that new way of being or new understanding toward a new calling or a new task.

This is the way of the Christian life.  Election... Calling... Transformation... Testimony (Repeat)

Jesus chooses Peter, James and John.  They were nothing, fisherman with no qualifications.  He calls them to join Him on the mountain and they go.  They see Jesus transformed before their very eyes and they themselves are changed.  Others are there that have experienced the same thing.  There is Moses and Elijah.  They remember John the Baptist.  Then they return from the mountain with a new way of life and a new understanding.  From this point on, they will live the Christian life.  They will know this pattern.

What about you?

Do you believe you have been chosen by God for something special?  Do you?

What is God calling you to do?  Even if it seems impossible or ridiculous?

When was the last time you were amazed and even emotional, touched by the presence of God?

Why do you not tell others what you have heard and what you now know?  Testify.

It's a pattern called the Christian life.  It's as old as human beings.  It's as new as the moment you finish reading this.  It's as always as Almighty God!  


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