Evil Afoot

Matthew 13:24-30

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes is famously quoted as saying to his partner and detecting colleague, "Me thinks Watson, there is evil afoot."

Perhaps this too is what Jesus is telling his disciples.  Another parable of good soil and the harvest that is promised sets the scene.  But this time, "the enemy" comes and sows weeds in their midst.  So when the good crop comes in, so too are the weeds.  There is evil afoot in that field.

When the disciples ask Jesus if they should tear out the weeds, and thus destroy the evil, the answer is not to worry.  Even in the end of all things, God will separate the good from the bad, the holy from the evil.  So relax and live life as it is intended without fear of evil.

We need not be afraid even of evil, because God is in charge of the field.  All will be made right in the end!


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