Buried Treasure

Read Matthew 13:44-52

What's our purpose?  What have we been given that contributes something to the world, to our neighbors, and to peace?

Each of us has something.  Sometimes it is hidden, even from ourselves.  There are those of us who can't imagine we have anything good to share.  Maybe we have tried to discover it, but it remains elusive and we have given up.  "I just don't amount to anything," we say to ourselves.

Others have been beaten down by life, defeated, and whatever we had once has been so tarnished that it can't possibly shine any longer.  At least that's what we think.

Jesus teaches that within each of us is a little bit of the Kingdom of Heaven, and our call as disciples is to search for and to discover that treasure.  Finding that treasure and sharing it with others is what the purpose of every human life truly is.  Don't give up.  Don't believe the lie that you have nothing to share.  You have been given a purpose.  Find your buried treasure and live life in all its fullness.


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