Abundance or Scarcity

Read Matthew 14:13-21

Peter Block reports that in 1930 production of goods and services became so effective in the United States that factories could make all the shoes required by Americans in just 14 weeks.  What then to do with the other 38 weeks of the year?  The birth of manufactured need and marketing happens in the wake of this realization.  Suddenly, I can buy whatever I want and also want whatever I can buy.

So we have been conditioned by such a system against ever being satisfied.  We will never have enough.  I have a perfectly good mobile phone, but the new model is just too exciting and innovative and suddenly I have to buy it.  Yesterday I didn't want that feature because I didn't know it existed, but today I have to have it to be satisfied.

Jesus tells the disciples to feed those that have gathered in the wilderness to hear him preach and teach.  There is not enough to go around, since they only have five loaves and two fish and there are so many mouths to feed.  Yet, there is enough.  Jesus looks up to heaven and there is enough for all to be satisfied.  Jesus lives in abundance while others live in scarcity.

The question for us... Will we live out of abundance looking up to heaven?  Will we be satisfied?  There is certainly nothing wrong with loaves and fishes.  That's how we live and Jesus does not command that we live without, since that too would be scarcity.  In the end all are filled.  Perhaps what matters is our attitude towards what has been provided.  Abundance or scarcity?  You decide.


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