Secret Handshake

Read Matthew 13:10-17

"Why do you speak to them in parables?"  That was the question Jesus' disciples asked.

Perhaps another way of asking the same question would be, "Why don't you just tell people what you want them to know?"  Parables seem like a confusing way to change the world.

Two things:

First, perhaps parables keep us just uncertain enough about God and God's ways for the world that we don't become too sure of ourselves.  We are always pretty quick to turn even good things into idols, and so maybe parables make it just a little harder to take one teaching of Jesus out of the vast nature and understanding of God and make it THE teaching.

Second, the ability to interpret stories like parables can only be done by people who know something already about God and God's ways for the world.  As the people of God we are often able to see the presence of God in a parable in a way that others just can't see.  It's not meant to be a secret handshake or something, but rather just the truth of a people of faith.

Our job is then to then to offer that interpretation and what it means about God and God's ways for the world to our neighbors and our world.  Parables are the tools in our toolbox to share God with others.  So that the world might be blessed by the people of God!


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