Boring Faith is Life

Read Matthew 13:18-23

Most of us like things that are exciting and new.  We like it when something important appears to be happening.  Marketing experts teach that the best way to get noticed is to create a buzz around a new product or service.  The hope is always to "go viral."  Excitement sells...

Even in church, the bigger the program and the more people attending is what we seem to work for.  The most successful churches are the ones that are growing the fastest and planting new campuses all over town.  Smaller churches can't compete.  There just isn't enough excitement to attract a crowd...

Jesus teaches us about everyday faith.  Faith that isn't exciting or new.  Faith that stands the test of time.  Faith that can be tested and proven.  Compared to rocky soil, or thorny weeds, everyday faith is the good soil that bears the fruit.  Ordinary faith is sometimes just not all that exciting...

I wonder sometimes if in our desire to be important and new, cutting edge and exciting in all we do, we don't work against common, ordinary, everyday faith.  Isn't boring old good soil sometimes okay?  Could it be that the desire to be exciting doesn't sell faith at all, but in the end... kills it!

Common, ordinary, everyday faith in God gives life.  Everyday.  Life.  Sometimes boring.  Life.

In the end that's what I want.  Life.  Not big.  Life.  Not just new.  Life.  Not even exciting.  Life.


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